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Screening Properties with Custom Investment Criteria
Screening Properties with Custom Investment Criteria

Customize your purchase criteria to quickly screen properties and find deals that fit your investment goals.

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As a real estate investor, you likely have specific criteria you use to determine whether a particular property will be a good investment.

For example, you may have a minimum monthly cash flow or ROI target for rental properties and BRRRRs, or a minimum profit target for flips.

In either case, DealCheck can help you quickly screen deals and find properties that are worth buying.


Step 1: Customize Your Purchase Criteria

First, customize your investment criteria for rental properties, BRRRRs, flips or wholesale deals by clicking the Purchase Criteria link on the left side of the property list:

Purchase criteria link in the property list

Tip: you can customize a separate set of criteria for each property category.

Enable the criteria that are important to you and enter a specific value you're targeting for each metric:

Configure target investment criteria

If you're using DealCheck with our free plan, you'll have a limited set of criteria available to you. Upgrade to DealCheck Plus or Pro to unlock all investment criteria options.


Step 2: View Whether Each Property Meets Your Criteria

Each of your properties will be checked against your criteria and marked with a green checkmark or a red x to indicate whether it meets your criteria or not.

Hover over these icons to see the specific criteria the property meets or doesn't meet:

Property criteria indicator in the property list

You can also view the complete purchase criteria analysis at the bottom of the Property Analysis page for each property:

Purchase criteria analysis section

Tip: if a property doesn't meet your criteria, you can use the Offer Calculator to calculate the maximum purchase price that's required for your criteria to be met.

Step 3: Include Criteria Analysis in Your PDF Reports

You can include a breakdown of which criteria a property meets or doesn't meet when you export its PDF report.

To enable this, turn on the Include Purchase Criteria toggle in the report settings:

Include purchase criteria in PDF reports toggle

The next time you generate a PDF report for this property, you'll see the purchase criteria analysis added on a separate page:

Purchase criteria analysis page in property report


Note: the above screenshots were taken from our website, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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