You may need to share property information, photos and analysis calculations that you created with DealCheck with other people.

Our investment property reports are perfect for:

  • Sending to your lenders during the loan approval process

  • Sharing with your partners or investors who are interested in one of your deals

  • If you're a wholesaler - emailing them to your buyers' list

  • If you're an agent or broker - sending them to your investor clients or handing them out during open houses

Follow these steps to customize, create and share reports with DealCheck:

Step 1: Open the Reports & Sharing Page for a Property

Open one of your properties and click the Reports & Sharing link from the menu on the left side:

Reports & Sharing link in property menu


Step 2: Customize Report Contents

By default, each property report will include all of the available information for that property - description, maps, analysis, projections, comps, photos and any notes you have added.

You can toggle which items are included in the report in the Report Sections panel:

Property report section toggles

If you don't wish to reveal the full address of the property, you can turn on the Hide Property Address toggle to only show its city and state in the report:

Property report hide property address toggle


Step 3: Add Your Custom Branding

If you have upgraded to DealCheck Pro, you can further customize your reports by adding your individual or business name, contact information and logo.

You can also hide all references to DealCheck to make it appear that you are the sole creator of the report (make it fully white-labeled).

You can do this in the Custom Branding section:

Property report custom branding

Tip: Once you customize your branding for one of your reports, you won't have to do it again - we'll save it for next time.

Step 4: Share or Download the Report

DealCheck supports two types of property reports for each property:

Interactive Reports (View a Sample)

Interactive reports can be viewed online by anyone who has the report link. They don't require a DealCheck account and offer an interactive way to view property details, analysis, comps, maps and photos.

You can enable or disable sharable interactive report links for each property. Once the link is enabled, click the Share button next to it to view several quick sharing options:

Interactive property report sharing features

PDF Reports (View a Sample)

PDF reports are great for printing, emailing or sharing reports as PDF documents.

You can view or download the PDF report and then email it, upload it to your website or print it as you would any other PDF document:

PDF property report sharing features

Tip: See this help article if you're having any issues creating, viewing or downloading PDF reports.


Note: The above screenshots were taken from our online app, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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