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Managing and Customizing New Property Templates
Managing and Customizing New Property Templates

Save time when adding new properties by creating and customizing property templates.

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DealCheck comes with a robust property template system designed to help you save time and reduce manual data entry when analyzing new properties.

You can create and customize different templates for different property categories (rental, BRRRR, flip and wholesale), acquisition scenarios, geographic locations, or investment strategies.

Each time you add a new property, you can choose from one of your existing templates to give you a head start.

How to Manage and Customize Your Templates

Managing Your Property Templates

To manage your templates, first, navigate to the Settings page via the link at the top right of our website:

Settings link in main navigation bar

Next, scroll down to the Property Templates section and select the template category you'd like to work on (rental, BRRRR, flip or wholesale):

Property template categories

From here, you can view, add, copy or delete your templates for this category:

Property template list

Adding and Customizing Templates

You can edit any of your existing templates by clicking on them. To add a new template, click the Add button at the top right of the template list:

Add property template button

From here, you can edit the template name and description, as well as customize all of its settings, including financing, purchase costs, rehab costs, operating expenses or holding costs:

Property template edit page

Any fields or settings you customize on this page will be applied to new properties you add using this template.

Selecting the Default Template

Click on the checkmark icon to the right of any template to set it as the default one that should be used when adding new properties:

Setting a default property template

How to Save a Property as a Template

If you'd like to re-use the settings from the Purchase Worksheet of a specific property in the future, you can quickly convert it to a template by clicking the Save as Template button from the property action menu on the left side:

Saving a property as a template

How to Select the Template for New Properties

When adding new properties, you will have the option to select a template you'd like to use on the New Property page:

Selecting a template when adding a new property

Use the template menu to select one of your existing templates, or select "Don't Use a Template" if you prefer not to use one.

After selecting a template, you can add a new property by importing its property data, or by entering information manually. The template you select will apply in either case.

Note: property templates can only be applied to new properties. If you'd like to apply a template to an existing property, you'll need to re-add it using that template.

Note: the above screenshots were taken from our website, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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