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What types of properties can I analyze with DealCheck?
What types of properties can I analyze with DealCheck?
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DealCheck can help you analyze a wide range of investment properties, and offers virtually unlimited flexibility when combining different strategies together.


Rental Properties

Use our rental property calculator to analyze buy & hold and rehab & hold rental properties, as well as properties you plan to use for house-hacking.

You can also use our rental analysis tools to analyze properties you already own or live in that you're considering turning into a rental. Read this guide specifically for this strategy.


Airbnb's, VRBOs and Vacation Rentals

You can analyze Airbnb's, VRBOs, vacation rentals and other short-term rental properties either with our rental property calculator or the BRRRR property calculator, depending on your acquisition strategy.

Read this help article for some useful tips on analyzing these types of deals.


BRRRR Properties (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat)

DealCheck comes with a separate BRRRR calculator to help you analyze properties you plan to buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat, using the BRRRR method.


Flips & Rehab Projects

Use our property flip calculator to help you analyze properties you plan to buy, rehab and flip for a profit.


Multi-Family (MFR, MFH) and Commercial Buildings

You can analyze residential multi-family, as well as residential, mixed-use, office, retail and other commercial properties using either the rental, BRRRR or flip calculators, depending on what your strategy is.

Make sure to pick the appropriate property type when adding a new multifamily or commercial property to enable the rent roll worksheet and additional "per unit" and "per building" inputs and calculations.

Read this guide that goes over analyzing these types of properties in more detail.

New Construction Projects

While DealCheck currently doesn't have a separate "new construction" deal category, you can use our existing analysis tools to model these projects.

Use our property flip calculator if you're planning to sell the property after construction, or the BRRRR calculator if you're planning to turn the property into a rental after construction.

Read this help article for some tips on analyzing new construction and property development projects.

Wholesale Deals

If you're wholesaling a property to other investors, you can use DealCheck's wholesale analysis tools to help you calculate your profit and closing costs.

You can also look up sales and rental comps, use the Offer Calculator to calculate your maximum allowable offers to sellers, and create marketing reports for your buyers.

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