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Sharing Your Properties with Others
Sharing Your Properties with Others

Share property analysis, projections, comps and photos with your lenders, buyers, partners or clients.

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DealCheck offers several ways to share your properties, their analysis and reports with your lenders, business partners, clients, co-workers or buyers:

Sharing Properties and Reports

Every property you add to DealCheck has a unique link, which you can share with others to allow them to view an interactive property report online (no DealCheck account required).

To share an interactive report link, click the share button adjacent to any property from the property list:

Share a property from the property list

Or the share button from the property menu on the left side:

Share a property from the property menu

This will open a sharing popup where you can turn the interactive report sharing on or off, preview and copy it, as well as quickly share it via social media or email:

Share an interactive property report

Tip: if you're using the DealCheck iOS or Android app, you can share the interactive report links using the apps installed on your mobile device.


Exporting and Sharing PDF Reports

Another option for sharing your properties with others is to export and email them a professional PDF report generated by DealCheck. PDF reports are also great for printing and distributing offline.

You can view or download PDF reports using the same sharing popup mentioned above. Read this guide for a more in-depth walkthrough on how to customize, export and share PDF reports using our software.

Share or download a PDF report for a property


Saving Properties Others Shared With You

It is possible to copy and import properties that others shared with you, so you can save them in your own account, tweak any deal parameters and analyze them further.

To do this, first open a property that was shared with you using an interactive report link, and then click the Analyze button at the top, below the property photo:

Analyzing properties others shared with you

Next, follow the prompts to sign in to DealCheck (if you're not already), and save a copy of the shared property to your own account.

Allowing Multiple Users to Access Your Account

If multiple members of your team or organization need to view, add or modify your properties and their analysis, you can opt to use a single DealCheck account for your enter team.

By sharing your login information and using the same account, you'll be able to see each other's work and collaborate when analyzing investment properties. DealCheck will take care of syncing the data across your devices in real-time.

Before deciding to do this, make sure that you trust the people you share your account with, as they will have full access to your data and settings.


Note: the above screenshots were taken from our website, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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