DealCheck's primary focus is to help you analyze investment properties prior to purchase and put together better offers to sellers.

Our software does not currently come with tools to help you track your rental properties after purchase.

However, the same team behind DealCheck has a different platform designed specifically for this - RentCast.

Track Your Rental Portfolio with RentCast

RentCast was built to help rental property investors, landlords and property managers grow, track and optimize their rental portfolios with these key features:

  • Get real-time rent alerts and market updates for your rental portfolio to help you maximize your rental income
  • Track rent changes and historical performance of your rental properties with one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Get accurate rent estimates and rental comps for any property in the US
  • Look up local rental market statistics and historical trends to help you find new investment opportunities

You can get started with RentCast for free online:

Please note, that DealCheck and RentCast are two separate platforms, so you'll need to create separate accounts to use them.

Add DealCheck Properties to RentCast

DealCheck allows you to add your existing rental or BRRRR properties to the RentCast platform with one click to continue tracking them after purchase.

To do this, first open one of your properties and click the Track After Purchase link from the menu on the left side:

Track after purchase link in left-side menu

Next, click the Add to RentCast button at the bottom of the page:

Add property to RentCast button

Note: The above screenshots were taken from our online app, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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