One of the features that comes with the DealCheck Pro upgrade is the ability to look up and view the names and contact information of current property owners.

This can be very useful if you're looking to buy off-market properties and run direct mail or lead generation campaigns.


Step 1: Open the Owner Lookup Page for a Property

Go to one of your properties and click the Owner Lookup link from the menu on the left side:


Step 2: View Current Property Owner Information

You'll see the name(s) and address of the current property owner(s), whether the property is owner-occupied, the last recorded sale for this property, as well as the latest available property tax information:

Property owner information page

Note: Property owner lookup is currently available for most US properties, subject to data availability.


Note: The above screenshots were taken from our online app, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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