As your list of properties grows, it will become more important to sort your properties, quickly find the ones you're looking for and hide old deals from your main list.

DealCheck offers several productivity tools to help you manage your property list:


Searching and Filtering Your Properties

You can quickly search or filter your properties by any field (like the name, city, state, zip code or notes) using the property search field at the top of the property list:

Simply start typing and you'll instantly see only the properties that match your search.


Sorting Your Properties

DealCheck offers several options for sorting your properties, including by name, city, state, zip code, cash flow, price or date created.

Click on the Sort By dropdown at the top right of the property list and pick the sorting option you'd like to use:

We'll save your selection, so next time you come back to DealCheck your properties will be sorted exactly how you left them.


Archiving Old Properties

DealCheck's archiving feature allows you to hide properties from your main list, but still keep them in your account, without deleting them.

This is helpful for hiding deals you're no longer interested in at the moment, but would like to keep for future reference. You can also use this to hide deals you've considered, but put on hold for the time being.

You can archive or un-archive (in other words - restore from archive) each property from the property list by hovering over it and clicking the archive or un-archive button on the right side:

To show or hide your archived properties, click the Show Archived toggle at the top right of the property list:


Note: the above screenshots were taken from our online app, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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