Entering Discount or Promo Codes

Follow these steps to apply a discount or promo code to a new DealCheck subscription.

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If you have a discount or promotion code, you can apply it to a new DealCheck Plus or Pro subscription purchased through our website during the checkout process.

Note: discount or promo codes cannot be added to existing subscriptions or redeemed through our mobile app at this time. Instead, use our website to upgrade your account.

How to Enter Your Discount or Promo Code

To apply a promo code when purchasing a new subscription, sign in to our website, then click on the green upgrade button at the top of any page:

Upgrade button at the top of our online app

Next, select one of the available pricing plans and enter the promo code on the final confirmation page, right below your payment information:

Location of the promo code input

After clicking the Apply button next to the promo code input, you will see your subscription price update to include the discount you've entered.

Once you start your subscription, the discount will apply for its entire duration, as long as the subscription remains active.

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