Sometimes you'll need to analyze alternative investment scenarios for the same property. For example, you may want to compare financing it vs. buying it cash, or varying your closing costs and assumptions.

The easiest way to accomplish this with DealCheck is to create the property and enter all of its information, then copy (or clone) it and fine-tune each scenario as needed.

You can also use this to convert a rental property to a flip (or vice versa) by copying it.

Here is how to copy existing properties:


Step 1: Click the "Add Property" Button from the Property List

Navigate to your rentals list if you'd like the new property to be a rental or your flips list if you'd like the new property to be a flip.

Click the Add Property button at the top:


Step 2: Select the "Copy Property" Option


Step 3: Customize the Copy Options

Choose an existing property you'd like to copy and enter the new property's name as you'd like it to appear.

By default, DealCheck will copy all of the information from the existing property, but you can also toggle which sections you'd like to copy manually:


Step 4: Click the "Copy Property" Button

Once everything looks good, click the Copy Property button at the bottom of the page to finish the process:

The new property will be added to your account and you can customize its parameters as needed.

You can now compare this new property with the original one to see which scenario will produce the best outcome.


Note: the above screenshots were taken from our online app, but the same features can be found in our iOS and Android apps as well.

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